Available positions

We are currently hiring boosters, coaches, guest writers (read more below - comes with more job opportunities) and guide writers in Americas, Europe and Asia, please read below to see if you meet the requirements to work with us!

Xbox/PS4 Boosters are also being hired. 


Guest Writers


1 spot available


Guest writers need to be knowledgable about the game and be fluent in English. The articles you write for us can be either educational, commentaries, essays or articles related to either the competitive scene, the meta, the patches or to something specific within the game.

Each article should be around 800-1500 words - this is simply a guideline; longer articles will be accepted as long as the content is good. You get paid per article you write. If you write one article a week you will get between 8-12 USD depending on length and quality. Good guest writers who proves themselves over a period of time will get the option to become full fledged members of our site. This means you will receive admin status and will be given other means of making money with us.

All articles has to be 100% original - this means they have to be written in your own words. If you choose to write about a topic that has already been covered, that is perfectly fine, you can even use other articles as your research baseline, but you have to write the article in your own words. All submitted writing will be sent through our anti-plagiarism program before being published. Plagiarised articles will not be used nor paid for. 

Requirements :

  • Must be at least Master in the current season.
  • Must have dedication to completing your work and being able to fix your problems.
  • Must write fluent English


Guide Writers


8 spots available


To work as a guide writer with Overwatch-boosting.com you'll need to be at least Rank 75 (Season 1) or Master (Season 2 or season 3) have proficient knowledge of Overwatch. You must be able to explain your ideas and express them with pictures, videos and of course text. You must have understandable writing in English and be able to fix/improve your work if it is not deemed up to standard for Overwatch-boosting.com. Guides are very profitable and can lead you to become very well known in the scene.


Requirements :

  • Must be at least Master in the current season.
  • Must have dedication to completing your work and being able to fix your problems.
  • Must have access to recording software to provide examples via video.
  • Must have video editing software to make fun creations to assist customers in gaining knowledge with the various heroes/gameplay.
  • Must have understandable English. Your customers will not always be English first language, you must be able to clearly get your point across for all customers.



Rank Booster (All Regions)


Multiple spots available

To be a Rank Booster you will need to be able to prove you are a high ranked player, and have a working PayPal account. You will be playing on our customer's accounts, you will also need to communicate with your clients. You can choose which accounts you want to play on and you are allowed to set the times you play yourself. You will be paid per account you complete. You will need to follow a simple set of rules to ensure customer's satisfaction and avoid problems.


Requirements :

  • Having a main account which is at least 4200 in the current season.
  • Being a serious and dedicated person
  • Stable internet connection
  • Fluent in English
  • Be able to play at minimum 4 games per day per account that has been picked up.


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